The One Room Club - Ludum dare 37 - Jam Entry

The One Room Club was made in 72 hours for the 37th Ludum Dare game jam (December 2016).

The One Room Club is a game of dwarves, elfes and DISCO.
Use your wits and speed to fight your way to the VIP Room and satisfy your thirsty dwarves!
(In case you're wondering, this thing is a fast-paced card game)

Under the hood

Powered by Unity!


All our assets and code were made during the jam. We have yet to choose a license for them, until then all rights are reserved.


The Team

  • ProhibĂ© : Art, game design. Artstation
  • Manu: Programming, game design. @thrainsa
  • Wan : Art, game design, Additional art & audio. @mkalamalami
  • Kay Lo: Audio.